Things To Consider Before Buying A Computer

When you’re buying a new computer for the first time in a long time, it’s often useful to forget everything you know – or thought you knew – about what constitutes a capable machine. Technology changes both significantly and regularly in the modern era, rendering state-of-the-art machines obsolete as little as a year after their initial release.

For this reason, splurging on the market’s current top PC isn’t always the best course of action – especially when it comes to your wallet. You can get an equally capable machine for half the price if you know what to look for. It’s simply a case of zoning in on the most important features and taking your needs into account.

Here are the main aspects worth considering before buying a computer…

The processor

The processor ought to be the very first port of call for a computer shopper. This technology is essentially the lifeblood of a PC, and is responsible for supplying the necessary energy. If it isn’t up to the task, a user is doomed to deal with interminable boot-up times, sluggish loading screens, and painfully slow browsing speeds. Without a good processor, a PC simply won’t perform.

Typically, the higher “GHz” value a processor has, the more life you’ll get out of your computer. 800 MHz is usually recommended for optimum performance, along with more than 1MB of last level cache. You’ll need a higher-end solution for some commercial applications, but we’ll get to that a little later.

The space…in both contexts

Digital ‘space’ is a key consideration when buying a computer. 8GB worth of memory can comfortably handle data for most businesses, although you may want to opt for a 16GB model if you’re storing more than the average user.

You’ll also need to consider space in a physical sense. Conduct a measurement of your workspace before you go searching, and keep these dimensions in mind during your hunt for a hard drive.

The suitability

It’s always a smart move to keep primary purpose and personal preferences in mind when searching for a new PC. For example, if you’re wanting to connect your computer to other devices (speakers, modems, cameras, HDMI screens) you’ll need to confirm the machine arrives with all the necessary connectivity ports. The number of docks varies extensively from one PC to the next, so don’t assume: always check the specs

Also, if you’re looking for a machine that lets you design, game or produce in HD quality, you’ll need to track down a model with high frame-rates, larger hard drives, high-end processors, and dedicated graphics cards for the best experience.

The condition

New isn’t always better, but it is almost always more expensive. By shopping for a refurbished computer instead of one that’s fresh out of the box, you’ll save a huge chunk of money, do your bit for the environment, and enjoy a model that performs to the same standards. It’s simply a case of knowing where to find one you can depend on.

That’s where A1 Refurb can help. We’ve got a superb selection of machines to choose from, all of which are rebuilt to the highest possible standards by our team of tech experts. If you have any questions about which model might be best for you, just give us a call on 01625 347000.